Silver Peak


HOW Silver peak Works with REDWOOD GoVernment IT SolutionsD

With Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions, customers can utilize the highest scaling physical or virtual appliances on the market today for Mbps to Gbps of WAN optimization capacity while supporting thousands of sessions. In fact, their virtual appliance can provide up to 1Gbps of sustained throughput while a physical appliance can handle 2.5Gbps of sustained throughput. Silver Peak’s special optimization algorithms can optimize all IP traffic down to the byte level versus block level for the competition. Silver Peak’s network integrity features of Forward Error Correction and Packet Order correction ensure the timely delivery of data packets without incurring any data loss. In addition, the Dynamic Path Control feature on a Silver Peak appliance alleviates network congestion by automatically detecting the fastest network path to send the optimized traffic on. Silver Peak’s SD-WAN appliances can all be managed real time from one virtual console across a worldwide enterprise. That simple!


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