Data Center Solutions for Federal Agencies
Redwood Can Help

For more than 30 years, Redwood Government Solutions has provided customized IT solutions, services and data center support for US Federal Government Agencies: DoD, Intel, state and local government organizations.

Redwood only works with best-of-class products from industry leaders. From this core group, RGS provides innovative solutions and strategies for Data Storage, Disaster Recovery, Backup software for Recovery or Archive, WAN Optimization, Data Center Switching and Security.

RGS integrates the best technologies and resources to fully accomplish your mission critical data center challenges.

Speed – Storage – Security

When seconds count, speed is imperative. Data center operations demand the fastest data.  This means mission critical applications demand immediate access, retrieval, processing and backups.  Redwood solutions can increase the speed and capabilities of any data center with best-in-class solutions.

Data needs are exploding. Federal agencies rarely delete data because of FOIA concerns. More data means more storage and, potentially, more costs. However, Redwood understands the challenges that agencies face when they must increase data storage capabilities while reducing IT costs. The solution is RGS optimization with Flexible and Efficient IT.

Data storage, backup and recovery are vital to the operations, function and survival of all agencies and offices. The impact from data loss, corruption from hardware failure, hacking, human error, natural disasters, malware or other events could be significant. Redwood can help support the IT DRP (Information technology disaster recovery plan) with best-in-class technology that will meet requirements and protect critical data assets.

Optimize Data Storage – Efficient IT

Storage is usually the number one line item costs for most IT budgets. But, sometimes agencies buy too much storage. Redwood staff can analyze your system to optimize it’s potential. Redwood GS helps agencies drive more value by building more efficient storage foundation and integration. These are the benefits:

More ROI (Return on Investment)
Half the storage usage (compared with traditional approaches)
Faster payback windows (6-9 months)
Cut costs of infrastructure and data storage

Redwood GS helps agencies OPTIMIZE their IT investments so they can do more and spend less.

Flexible IT
Working at Speed of Tomorrow

Flexible IT is a system which is faster and more adaptable than traditional approaches to data storage and IT systems. Flexible IT is powered by shared, virtualized infrastructures. These systems enable agencies to deploy affordable, 99.999% reliable IT services—at the speed of today’s missions.


The Redwood has proudly served Federal agencies, DoD, Intel, State and local governments for over 30 years.

Redwood provides optimized IT solutions that are cost effective, reliable and Best-in-Class.